The Essential, Versatile Font Collection, Just $29

Expand Your Font Library With The Essential Versatile Font Collection, discounted at 98%

Every designer loves using the best fonts in their work; high-quality fonts make your work stand out from the competition and really lift your creative projects! Often though, the right fonts cost hundreds of dollars and take a lot of time to track down. Design Cuts’ newest collection saves that time and money with an amazing selection of beautiful, high-quality, versatile, ready to use fonts!

Includes, Extended Licence: Use in multiple commercial projects & items for resale and Professional Support!

Thumbnails of Design Cuts Premium Font Collection on discount


The Essential, Versatile Font Collection, Just $29




[ ! ] premium: 16 Photocopied Stripes

Combining the historical paradigms of Op art with the contemporary “glitch” experimentations in the field of graphic design, here is Texture Fabrik’s elaborate set of 16 high quality textures, created directly upon a copier’s glass surface.

16 Photocopied Stripes set contains:
16 HD jpeg files •• 7000×4949 px ••• 600 dpi

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Texture Fabrik 16 Photocopied Stripes

16 Photocopied Stripes 03

16 Photocopied Stripes 05

16 Photocopied Stripes 01

16 Photocopied Stripes 04

16 Photocopied Stripes 08

16 Photocopied Stripes 02

16 Photocopied Stripes 06


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[ ! ] premium: Herbarium : Set 1

Dearest friends of Texture Fabrik,

After 3 years in the making, we’re finally excited to present “Herbarium : Set 1“: The first volume of a wide, elaborate collection of carefully-crafted vector graphics of plants, trees and leaves. This first set contains 26 delicate, ultra high-precision plant graphics, made by designers, for designers.

Herbarium : Set 1 is available for purchase at Texture Fabrik’s Store. Just click on on the previous links or the thumbnails below to have a full-view of all the contents of the set. ❤












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Texture Fabrik Store

Dear friends of Texture Fabrik,

You can visit our store and purchase through an ever-growing collection of carefully crafted, high quality graphics and textures!

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Visit: Texture Fabrik Store