[ ! ] premium: Herbarium : Set 1

Dearest friends of Texture Fabrik,

After 3 years in the making, we’re finally excited to present “Herbarium : Set 1“: The first volume of a wide, elaborate collection of carefully-crafted vector graphics of plants, trees and leaves. This first set contains 26 delicate, ultra high-precision plant graphics, made by designers, for designers.

Herbarium : Set 1 is available for purchase in Texture Fabrik’s Store. Just click on on the previous links or the thumbnails below to have a full-view of all the contents of the set. ❤

Cover of the Herbarium premium set by Texture Fabrik

Isolated grass silhouette design

Close up of plant silhouette graphic

Silhouette graphic of Field Mustard plant

Silhouette design of Capsella plant

Japanese maple silhouette graphic

Subtle plant silhouette on white background

Detail of Conium plant silhouette design

Fern-like graphic design of Conium plant

Close up of silhouette graphic of Dracaena plant

Isolated silhouette design of Dracaena plant

Minimal design of tree branch with leaves

Detail of red plant with small round leaves

Design of red plant with round leaves


Purchase: Herbarium : Set 1





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