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Texture Fabrik is a nonprofit site.

Our textures and vectors are completely free for personal and commercial use.

We insistently try to raise the standards of the images we offer and update our galleries with original content, following solely our gut instinct rather than the norms of “what a stock site should be or look like”.

A visitor’s glance into our workroom would reveal pieces of copper leaves artificially rusted with citric acid and salt, molds of concrete curing, spills of casein or beetroot juice drying on films, gold leafed surfaces, fabrics, inks, paints of all kinds, packs of photocopied material, collections of dried plants and leafs, stacks of paper and molten plastic, jars filled with ash and activated carbon, flatirons, cameras, scanners and so on…

A true alchemy lab, founded solely on our love for images and the depictions of the material world in its constant change.

We ask for your support.

Your contribution is really precious, as it helps us cover the expenses of our website and keep the distribution completely free of charge, while ensuring a regular flow of new material. So, if you like what we do, it’s really up to you. : – )


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